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Pouring Over Books Box

For Book People Who Love Coffee

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Welcome to Pouring Over Books!

Pouring Over Books was born out of a love of " me time and the wish that everyone have something just for themselves.

Pouring Over Books brings together two things we love: great coffee and great books

Each box features a old favorite ( think classic) or a new book published within the last 90 days that fits the theme of the box.

And coffee made with love and rich notes.

Each box also comes with fun accessories that compliment your book and coffee!

it's the perfect thing JUST FOR YOU.

The November Pouring Over Books Box Theme

This month's theme is Gratitude and Giving!

The Book: This Box includes a NEW Book that is about the theme of the box. It is a story of the heartbreaking trauma of disaster but at the same time, the testimony of the tenacity of the human spirit.

The Coffee:  Also a part of the ongoing theme of the box ( giving) this coffee’s goal is “to create sustainable economic development, not charity, but empowerment”  

The Rest: 2 more items to help you with gratitude and giving!

Note: A portion of the proceeds from this book will go to charity as a part of our giving theme!

New in the SHop!

This is My Reading Mug!

Didn't you know? Coffee always tastes better in our exclusive This Is My Reading Mug!

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Coffee Love Bookmark

Get your coffee and use this adorable bookmark to keep your place until you can get back to your favorite book!

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Pumpkin, Gingerbread and Vanilla scented Fall Candle

Perfect to light while reading a book and sipping your coffee or placing all over your house for that perfect Fall feeling.

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