15 Black Owned Coffee Brands and Roasters

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Now you guys know I love my Starbucks, but you know what I really love?

My black owned coffee brands and brewers.

If you are anything like me, the ritual of starting your day with a good cup of coffee is crucial to your morning routine.

Over the last few years, I discovered that yes, Black Owned Coffee brands exist and that as usual, when we do something, we do it with excellence.

So during this Black History Month, I want to share 15 Black Owned Coffee Brands and Roasters from all around the country that I think you should know about, try out and spread the word about.

Your morning coffee routine will thank you.

P.S. All of these brands can be ordered online!

15 Black Owned Coffee Brands and Roasters

1. Three Keys Coffee

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If Dizzy, Basquiat, & Elijah McCoy roasted coffee, it would taste like Three Keys. 

Founded in 2019, Three Keys is a craft coffee roastery based out of Houston, TX. The name is inspired by the valves of the trumpet, which has been the instrument of choice for some of the most influential jazz musicians and composers.



2. Portrait

"Our motivation is to change the picture that comes to mind when folks think of specialty coffee—to include the black and brown folks who have been cropped out. We encourage you to join us in introducing specialty coffee to Southwest Atlanta by offering exceptionally roasted coffee and culture in a  socially conscious way.


3.Black Girl Black Coffee


Coffees have been produced, imported, and now sold, by Black women. When you purchase our coffee, you are supporting the dreams of Black women in coffee-producing nations. 



4 Kahawa 1893

By working directly with farmers, empowering women, and committing to transparency, Kahawa 1893 hopes to share the wealth. That’s a cup of coffee we can all feel good drinking.”— FORBES


5. CariBBrew

Haitian Coffee Brand that works in partnership with associations of small scale coffee farmers in Haiti to grow the best Arabica beans and create long term sustainable jobs.



6. Sip and Sonder

From the site: "With a coffee roaster, creative studio, and multi-purpose event space on site, Sip & Sonder is much more than your ordinary coffee shop—we are a Black women-owned innovative entrepreneurial and creative hub where coffee, community, and culture connect.


7. Black Acres Roastery

Black Acres Roastery is an artisan coffee roaster located in the Highlandtown district of Baltimore.


8. Boon Boona Coffee

"Boon" and "Boona" are both words that mean "coffee" in different languages of East Africa. And at Boon Boona, we're committed to sharing the unique coffee and coffee traditions of this region — and to supporting coffee growers and our local community in the process.



9.Black and Bold

Founders, Pernell & Rod, created BLK & Bold with a desire to make purpose popular. 

BLK & Bold pledges 5% of its profits to initiatives aligned to sustaining youth programming, enhancing workforce development, and eradicating youth homelessness.



10. Red Bay Coffee

Red Bay Coffee Roasters was founded in 2014 by Keba Konte, a renowned artist and successful food entrepreneur with deep roots in the San Francisco Bay Area specialty coffee and hospitality industry.



11. Signature Blends By KF

Founded by Kim Fields, Signature Blends by KF is a full-service wholesaler/distributor of coffee, teas and coffee dry rubs. 

Located in Atlanta, GA since 2017



12. Boss Blend Coffee 

Artisanal Coffee Afro Latina Owned



13. Bright Land Coffee

Bright Land Coffee is a black-owned coffee roaster and cold brew manufacturer based in Tampa Bay. 


14. Vagrant Coffee

Vagrant Coffee is a craft coffee cafe, roaster, and mobile espresso bar company that offers an elevated beverage experience in 4 retail locations and off site events.



15. Bean Fruit Coffee Co

BeanFruit Coffee Company is an award-winning coffee roasting company located in the Jackson, Mississippi metro area.



Upgrade your morning cup of coffee with one of these Black Owned Coffee brands and Brewers! Let me know which one you liked! 


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