Books like Bridgerton: 10 Series to Read if you like Regency Romance

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Gentle Reader!

Since Bridgerton premiered on Netflix, everyone is obsessed with Regency Romance novels! 

Now that you have read the book that the Bridgerton series was adapted from, most of us are eager to read more while we wait for season two.

But what to read?

Bridgerton is an excellent introduction to historical romance novels, specifically, the Regency era. 


As a long time fan of this genre, I have many many many suggestions, but I stuck with 10 series to that are books like Bridgerton that I just KNOW you will love. 

Let's get to the list! 

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1.The Rest of the Bridgerton Series


If you saw the series, you know that there are SEVERAL Bridgerton siblings and that there is a book for each and every one of them. (Personally, When He Was Wicked was my Favorite. )

You need to read the other 7 books. Just do it. 


2. The Bedwyn Series by Mary Balogh

Mary Balogh's Bedwyn Series is also about siblings.  The Series has six books that starts with the 2nd oldest sibling and ends with the oldest. Its a classic and one of my favorite series that I re-read. 

3. The Wallflower Series by  Lisa Kleypas

Confession: this series may be one of my favorites of all time. 

The Wallflower series follows four debutante/ wallflowers who make a pack to support each other throughout the season ( a series of social events designed to get young ladies married) 

4. The Hathaway Series By Lisa Kleypas

The Hathaway series branches off from a character in one of the Wallflower series. And it is truly a gem. If you like unusual characters ( read interesting) this is the series for you . Lisa Kleypas is a must read.  In fact, there is a series that branches off from THIS one. So....

5. The Duke Dynasty Series by Sabrina Jeffries 

One of my favorite things about this  series is that it's about a blended family. But it's also a "who done it" which is not solved until the last book. Definitely keeps you interested! 

6. The Bastion Club Novels By Stephanie Laurens

The Bastion Club series by Stephanie Laurens is also an old favorite of mine. Once again, there is mystery, intrigue, romance... it's basically perfect. I personally couldn't wait until the last book for THAT character, and let me tell you, it didn't disappoint. 

7. The Westmoreland Series by Judith McNaught 

The Westmoreland Series is one of the first romance series I read. The series is a classic that has of my favorite romance books of all time Whitney My Love. Everyone should read this. It's funny, it will make you cry then laugh. Just read the series. It ages well. 

8. The Rules of Scoundrels Series by Sarah MacLeon

Four Friends/outcasts own a gambling hall and one by one,they fall in love.

I just read this series recently and I can say without a doubt the best books are the first and the last. BUT the middle are a treasure too. And you have to read all four to get the big picture for the last one. 

9. Mallory-Anderson Family Series by Johanna Lindsey

This series is an EPIC 12 books long. Published between 1985 and 2014, these novels tell the stories of the Malory Family and their romantic relationships and hijinks. 

10. The Lost Lords Series: Mary Jo Putney

This series is based on a group of men who met as schoolboys and are closer than brothers. This series follow these strong men who find their perfect match. 


Hopefully there is SOMETHING on this list that will appeal to you and get you started down the road to a really good series!


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Which one are you going to read first? 


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