How to Meet Your Reading Goals This Year

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So you made a goal this year to read more books. You have decided that THIS is the year that you finally tackle that ever growing to be read list. Maybe you have tried to set a goal of reading more books in the past and every year you look back and wonder what happened!

Last year, I read 123 books according to my GoodReads Challenge! I've read around that amount for years! People always ask me for tips on HOW I manage to read that much despite owning and running two businesses and being a full time wife and mom.

In this post, I'm going to share my secrets on meeting your reading goals every year! Keep reading for tips on how to meet your reading goals this year. 


How To Meet Your Reading Goals This Year 

Set a Measurable Goal with a Deadline

Goals that aren’t specific, measurable and have a deadline aren’t good goals: they are dreams. “Read more” isn’t a good goal on its own, but "Read 10 books by December 31st" is.  It is specific and it is easy to measure when you have reached it.

Make Time for Reading Every Day 

Make it a part of your routine. Maybe you are a morning person so you make it a goal to read 5 pages every day before you get started with your day. If you work full time, you can take 30 minutes at your lunch break to read or take your book with you on your commute. Or maybe you need a way to wind down at night! Adding reading a chapter a day to your nighttime routine is also a good idea. 

Listen To More Audiobooks

I hated the idea of Audible at first, just like I hated the idea of reading books on my Kindle. But having an audible membership has really helped me “read” more books. I listen in the car, I listen when I clean, I listen while taking a bath, and sometimes while working out.  I tend to use audible for self-help books , non fiction and celebrity memoirs the most.

Read Multiple Books at Once

I know I KNOW!

I have about 5 books rotating at all times. Yes, I read more than one book at a time!  Currently, I am reading a romance, a YA Fantasy book, A self-help, a collection of short stories and a regular fiction. If I slow down or get bored with one, I move to the other. So I always have SOMETHING to read.  Having options keep you reading. 

That being said: Don't be Afraid to Put a Bad Book Down

Listen! Life is too short to read bad books! I know it feels so wrong to stop a book before you finish. It's the whole "finish what you start" thing. Think of it this way: books you hate will take you twice as long to finish. Making you stall and/or fall off of your reading goal all together. Just let them go! 

Hopefully these tips help you reach your reading goals this year! Good luck! 


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